Local Business Network (LBN)


LBN is a group of local business professionals & tradesman who share the highest of business ethics & believe excellent customers service is key to...


LBN Meeting Information

LBN meets Wednesday Mornings at 7:25 a.m.

Liberty Lanes
11401 Starkey Road
Largo, Florida 33773

LBN is a group of local business professionals and tradesman who share high business ethics and believe in excellent service to our clients and customers. We meet weekly on Wednesday Mornings at 7:30 a.m. to share leads and promote our fellow members. We have only one person or company per category...check out our members and come join us for breakfast!






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The Bylaws of Local Business Network Inc.

ARTICLE I                     NAME

(a)  The NAME of the corporation is Local Business Network Inc. (herein “The Company”).

(b)  The Company does business as The Local Business Network and LBN.

ARTICLE II                    PURPOSE

The PURPOSE of The Company is to meet weekly to facilitate a weekly meeting among members, whose business interests do not conflict with one another, to refer one another.


(a)  FLORIDA LAW shall govern where the bylaws are not consistent with the same.

(b)  The Company Bylaws shall take precedence over Florida default laws.

(c)   Roberts Rules of Order shall otherwise govern.



(a)  The Company shall be governed by (3) elected Officers; a President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.

(b)  No board of directors exists.

Officer Rights and Duties

(a)  THE PRESIDENT shall set the agenda and format of all meetings and events. He shall have sole discretion to call for a vote. He shall have the general powers of the Presidency.

(b)  THE TREASURER shall be responsible for all financial matters including taxes as well as compliance with all laws including required tax and regulatory filings.

(c)   THE SECRETARY shall be responsible for all record keeping including minutes, vote results, official records and filings, and shall be responsible for all communications including coordination and publication of all scheduling matters including meeting speakers, open houses, special events, and all other communications, all at the President’s discretion.

(d)  Officers shall serve for one calendar year.

(e)  Officers dues will be waived during their time in office.

ARTICLE V                   SHAREHOLDERS

(a)  One hundred (100) SHARES are authorized.

(b)  Three (3) shares have been issued at one dollar ($1.00) each to Tina Castle, Robert Brucker, and Bernard Ribordy, each of whom has sold to The Company an option to repurchase her share at $1.00 at any time before December 31, 2099.

(c)   Transactions have been executed and documented.

ARTICLE VI                  MEMBERSHIP

Application Process

(a)  A prospective MEMBER must attend two (2) consecutive meetings,

(b)  submit an application,

(c)   which includes a description of his business,

(d)  then NOT attend the following meeting.

(e)  Members will then vote on membership admission online.

Rights and Duties

(a)  Members will, in good faith, provide fellow members with business referrals.

(b)  Members will be given opportunity to promote their businesses at meetings and open houses.


(a)  New members shall pay a membership fee of $15.00, pay prorated dues, and receive a complimentary breakfast.

(b)  Members shall pay in advance dues in the amount of $10 per month. The treasurer shall make requests for payments when dues become 30 days overdue and again when they become 60 days overdue.

(c)   Officer dues are waived.

(d)  Dues are nonrefundable and are not waived due to resignation or termination.

ARTICLE VII                 VOTING


(a)  The President shall have sole discretion to call for a VOTE.

(b)  The President shall prescribe the means of the vote unless the rules provide otherwise.


(a)  A vote must occur by the prescribed means of:

        a.One vote per member, not per shareholder, who waive their right to vote, except as a member.
        b.A show of hands at a meeting, OR;
        c.An online survey/vote, open for at least 3 business days.
        d.Officer elections must be by online survey/vote and must remain open for five (5) business days.
        e.New member votes must be online.


(a)  A quorum of a two thirds of the members is required.

(b)  Proxies are permitted and require verbal authorization.

(c)   Notice for meetings, special meetings, and scheduled votes shall be made to the email address of record of each member.

(d)  A vote is required to amend the articles of incorporation or bylaws, to initiate or terminate a membership, or to take any action which is not part of The Company’s annual routine.

(e)  Routine decisions require a vote by officers only.


(a)  A two third majority is required for a motion to pass.

        a.Exceptions exist for:
            i.Officer elections which require a plurality, and;
            i.Officer votes on routine matters which require a majority.

(b)  Voting results will be promptly announced at the meeting and emailed to members, and communicated to any interested/affected party by the Secretary.

Officer Elections

(a)  Officer nominees must submit their names by email to the Secretary by March 15 of each year.

(b)  The President must schedule the vote to be complete by April 15 of each year.

(c)   Terms begin May 1 of each year.


(a)  Attendance at forty-six (46) MEETINGS a year is required.

(b)  Absences require prior notice but do not require approval.

(c)   Excessive absences and absences without notice shall be considered grounds for membership termination.

(d)  Alternates who represent the same company are permitted.


(a)  All RECORDS shall be open to members upon reasonable request.

(b)  Charitable donations require a vote.

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